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Paul Oldham @paulatthehug

"Android in a box", or how to run Android apps on your Linux desktop. Sweet.

@BrentRJones learn French? ;:grinning:
Seriously though it is a French hosted server (as a lot of them seem to be) so it's probably going to attract more francophones. I picked it for the name (like you probably) but there are others which are hosted in the UK or US.

Do you think the £5,232.59 per year (at NameCheap) may be putting people off?

Interesting article about Cambridge Analytica in the latest 'Private Eye' which leaves me wondering how much if it was good marketing and spin rather than real product.

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Now that's what I call a national boundary!
I can't help thinking it's going to be a blast to police in two years' time unless an open border is maintained in Ireland.

I learned today that if you're to give the customer a mixed case password then it makes sense (as they are almost bound to write it down, sigh) to ensure that the upper case characters are picked from those which look different to lower case.

So A/a, B/b, D/d but not C/c (or, in this case X/x).

(And also avoid O/0 natch.)

Well this is all rather shiny and new. It reminds me of disapora* which I struggled with for a while, but it didn't take, and of course (ditto).

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Please now point all of your friends who want to join Mastodon to this page :