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Priming the engine.

It all comes down to this: the final series of the season.

Let's get right. Let's get ready. Let's get going.

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Steven Kwan's September has been off the charts 📈, reaching base 52 times so far:

38 hits
13 walks

He's the first Cleveland rookie to reach base 52+ times in one month since 1963 👀

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Original Post: twitter.com/CleGuardians/statu

Win with class. Lose with c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶ tantrums.

Not only has Mustard not won a race all year, he also has not been a good example for our youth.

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The secret to the @cleguardians' resilience according to @Silly_Willy18?

"We have a bunch of dawgs on our team, plain and simple."

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Extra innings last night? Not a problem. Your @cleguardians visited @CleClinicKids bright and early to drop off new Nintendo Switches from @@StarlightUS to spread hope and say ‘Hello’ before tonight’s game!

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It's hard to keep coming up with words to describe how enjoyable it is to watch Steven Kwan play baseball.

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Our patients made new friends and memories when @cleguardians visited today!⚾

Thanks for taking time to share stories, deliver gifts and hang out with some of our kids and young adults!

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Congratulations, Tito! ❤️

Yesterday, the @cleguardians surprised Terry Francona with a special celebration in honor of his being the winningest manager in franchise history.

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Rookie Gabriel Arias had his first major league HR last night, but we are at 123 HRs on the season for 🌳 with @DaveyTree

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.@cleguardians Postseason tickets are now on sale for the upcoming Wild Card and ALDS series October 7-9 and October 11-17.

Let’s pack the park and bring home the dub! See you there: atmlb.com/3Rir5Mw

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It would be NICE of you to head to the corner of Carnegie and Ontario to support your @cleguardians!

Postseason tickets are on sale now: cleguardians.com/tickets (6 per game - go go go!!)

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There is no better “Work is for suckers” moment than when it includes playoff baseball. Come out to the ball yard with me and a few of your closest and dearest. cleguardians.com/tickets

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I have my tickets...Do you? Postseason tickets are now available at cleguardians.com/tickets! Limit 6 per game.

Let's pack Progressive Field . twitter.com/CleGuardians/s…

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