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"This is the most scary paper in Computer Science in the last 20 years" - Theo de Raadt, EuroBSDcon 2017 pledge talk scs.stanford.edu/~sorbo/brop/b

@sir Considering its popularity, hopefully not. Sadly, since there are only 6 volumes, we are doomed to wait for years.

@sir relayd might do the job as a reverse proxy. AFAIK, there is no POSIX port.

@sir The issues come directly from Github's API?

A small nice touch would be to let the user order the table by update date directly with a small ^ icon next to the column name.

@sir Right, I wrongly interpreted what you said. The only benefit I see is that you are sure everything works, as long as it's properly updated. Not being able to use the upstream kernel or your own is the deal breaker, IMO.

@sir For ease of use. A lot of people just want to click a button and have a full distribution ready.